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Groundwater Testing Results Indicate RMA
Not a Significant Source for PFCs


In 2019, the Army completed additional groundwater sampling to test for the presence of perflourinated compounds (PFCs) above the EPA's health advisory levels. PFCs are used in fire-fighting foam and a wide range of common products to make materials stain and stick resistant.

Based on testing results, RMA does not appear to be a significant source of PFC contamination in groundwater, and existing groundwater treatment plants are equipped to successfully treat groundwater for PFCs if they are present. As part of its long-term groundwater and surface water monitoring program, the Army will continue to analyze treatment system influent and effluent for PFCs on an ongoing basis and select wells as needed.

To read more about the sampling program and answers to frequently asked questions, click here. To read the full data summary report, click here.


RMA Begins 2020 Five-Year Review Process 

The U.S. Army is starting its Five-Year Review (FYR) process for the Rocky Mountain Arsenal environmental cleanup.  Conducted collaboratively with the regulatory agencies, FYRs involve a comprehensive assessment of the performance of an environmental cleanup program and its ongoing protectiveness of human health and the environment.

During the review, a multiagency team evaluates if environmental standards that affect the site have changed in the past five years, whether the cleanup continues to be protective of public health and the environment, and whether the remedy can be expected to remain protective. 

The 2020 FYR, which covers the period from 2016 to 2020, will be the fifth to be completed for the Rocky Mountain Arsenal (RMA). Learn more about the 2020 FYR here.


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Offers year-round wildlife viewing, outdoor recreation and environment education opportunities.  Visit the Refuge online or call 303.289.0930.

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