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The RMA is one of the most studied sites in the nation. This online library includes key documents related to the overall environmental investigation, design, completion and maintenance of the environmental cleanup. It also includes the most recent Five-Year Review report, which assesses the ongoing protectiveness of the remedy for human health and the environment.

We have organized the library into three sections for ease of use. If you are new to the RMA, you may want to begin by visiting the Archives: Site-Wide Documents section. There, you will find documents describing the framework and rationale for the cleanup and the overall assessment of environmental contamination resulting from past manufacturing activities. The Archives: Project Reports / Fact Sheets section provides more detail about the remediation of the soils, structures and groundwater. To learn about the current status of the remedy, please visit the Current Reports section, which includes the most recent reports and Five-Year Review.

If you are looking for a document that is not available here, you may want to schedule an appointment to visit the RMA Joint Administrative Records and Design Facility (JARDF). The JARDF is a comprehensive repository of all public documents related to past manufacturing, remedial investigation, cleanup and monitoring activities at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal.


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