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Reviewing and Requesting RMA Records 

The Rocky Mountain Arsenal is one of the most-studied sites in the nation, and the RMA maintains an extensive administrative record. Community members may review or request copies of RMA records in the following ways: 

Online Library

The online library provides free, on-demand access to key records about the RMA. It also includes the most recent Five-Year Review Report, which assesses the ongoing protectiveness of the remedy for human health and the environment.  You can visit the online library.

Joint Administrative Records and Design Facility (JARDF)

Open to the public by appointment, the JARDF is a comprehensive repository of all documents related to the RMA.  The JARDF is located at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal, 6550 Gateway Road, Building 129, Commerce City, CO 80022-1749. To schedule an appointment, call 303.289.0300.

Freedom of Information Act Requests

You may also request copies of RMA records under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).  The U.S. Army is committed to fulfilling FOIA requests in a timely way, in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations.

Please note: Under FOIA, requesters may be asked to pay limited fees covering record searches and reproductions costs. At the RMA, the U.S. Army automatically waives fees under $15. If the estimated cost exceeds $25, requesters will be notified in advance. Fees are based on the services required and the planned use of the information (i.e., commercial, news media, educational, non-commercial scientific or personal or other use). Category definitions can be found here. 

To expedite your FOIA request, please be sure to:

  • Submit your request in writing via fax, email or regular mail. 
  • Include your mailing address
  • Describe the records sought in enough detail so they can be located with a reasonable amount of effort.  (Please note:  The RMA administrative record comprises thousands of reports, studies and documents.  To fulfill your request as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible, the U.S. Army may ask for additional details to pinpoint which documents you need.)
  • Indicate that you understand and agree to pay reasonable and applicable fees.


Please direct your written request to:

RMA FOIA Officer

Rocky Mountain Arsenal

U.S. Army

6550 Gateway Road, Building 129

Commerce City, CO 80022-1748

Attn: Mr. William Hennessy



Public Affairs

For further information, contact:


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Rocky Mountain Arsenal Wildlife Refuge

Offers year-round wildlife viewing, outdoor recreation and environment education opportunities.  Visit the Refuge online or call 303.289.0930.

Rocky Mountain Arsenal

6550 Gateway Road

Commerce City, CO 80022-1748